Nemo PDF Converter

Nemo PDF Converter 4.0

Convert from PDF to DOC and viceversa in one click


  • Good document conversions
  • Can convert from and to PDF
  • Support for drag and drop


  • Not embedded in Windows Explorer
  • Few options

When it comes to sharing documents online, PDF is usually the format of choice because they provide an excellent viewing quality and keep the same layout on all platforms. But we all know they're not so great when you need to edit them.

Nemo PDF Converter can help you with that. This simple tool lets you convert PDF documents to DOC or RTF, two document formats that are far easier to edit. Simply click the "Select files" button to choose the PDF – or drag and drop your file on the interface -, select the pages and the target folder and hit "Convert". The process of conversion is quick and generally provides good results. The final document maintains the original layout, text fonts and even images.

But that's not all. Nemo PDF Converter can also work the other way round, that is, convert from DOC (and XLS!) to PDF – something you don't usually find in these kind of tools. This procedure is as easy and quick as the other one, and produces good results as well.

While Nemo PDF Converter works fine, it would be even better if it was integrated with Windows Explorer, so that you could convert files from the context menu. The program also lacks some advanced options.

Need to convert PDF documents to a more easily editable format? Try Nemo PDF Converter and transform them into DOC or RTF files.

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